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    December 02, 2008


    Hi Jennifer,
    The first time I heard you speak I was in the midst of a long lasting pity party. I had had a cancerous condition that, thank GOD, my doctors were able to deal with, by way of a hysterectomy - at 45 years old. Within 18 months, just recovered and getting back into shape, I fell and shattered my right ankle. At the same time, my husband was fired, our youngest daughter graduated from HS, I lost my job at church, and... we moved. WHEW! It has been a LONG road to recovery from ALL of that, mainly the heart ache of losing a job I felt I was gifted at; but also trying SO HARD to recover from a 5 way break in my ankle. I have been very active all of my life - competing in the jumping and endurance equine disciplines; jogging, hiking, biking... and now I found myself unable to walk without scaring all the neighbor kids - FORGET RUNNING! The doctors all said I would never run again - and to count my blessings I could walk. I tried to count my blessings, but I did about as well at that as I did at jogging. They also said if I EVER rode a horse again, I would NEVER compete again. As a result of the long layup, I put on weight, developed borderline pre-diabetes, and my cholesterol skyrocketed. Still, people said, count your blessings. I tried. The SPIRITUAL healing has taken a long, long time - but as my heart has healed, I have found that I HAVE jogged (albeit looking like Quasimodo); I HAVE taken a few fences, and last October, 2007, I dismounted from my hard hitting but reliable 22 year old mare... having completed 25 miles!!! I cried like a baby as my mare laid her head in my arms. To date, now, I have barrel raced that mare, and completed 3 other 25-30 mile races, and plan to complete my first 50 miler in about a decade - this spring. Most important, I have learned that I am NOT what I do, church work or not. I AM whatever God has made me to be - and with that understanding has come the most important healing of all. So... my prayer request is a tremendous counting of my blessings, even though I walk with a limp most days, I am reminded of the emotional limp that I live with; I don't feel like it is a handicap - I see it as a reflection of the very heart of who God made me - though damaged by sin, He has made me to walk with Him again. What you learned in the dark - I must have learned on crutches or crawling. Done that, too. God is good, all the time!

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