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    Ellen Jenkins

    Fabulous conference! I cried and laughed my head off. I worshiped as we sang our joys and sorrows to the Lord. Amen and amen, we all came away so very blessed. It was not long enough! I wanted to stay and drink again and again and yet I wanted to go and process all that I had received from these anointed ladies who shared God's precious love with us all.

    Malissa Baugh

    What a wonderful, spiritual weekend spent with you, Jennifer, and Anita and all! I am trembling as I think of all the things said and shared. It was my first experience of this sort, as my friends have attended the Women of Faith conferences but conflicts have always hindered my being able to attend. Our Bible Study group studied "Walking by Faith" this fall, so I just had to see and hear you in person. I live in Temple but grew up in Waco, and in fact my daddy preached two tenures at Columbus Avenue Church of Christ. Words fail me in describing the time with you! I loved the "Spill the Beans" and the answers you both gave were "right on" and so inspiring! What a team! Keep up the good work and and hope your son chooses Baylor! God has blessed you and given you the talent to bless us with your love, joy, peace, strength, courage, and understanding of His word! Thanks so very much for a delightful weekend! Malissa


    The conference was wonderful! It was just what I had hoped for, a wonderful refreshing weekend filled with hope. Everyone involved was truly inspiring. I would recommend this to any of my friends!


    I want to Thank You for sharing the gifts that God has granted you. This was the first time that I have had the opportunity to experience something so powerful, and I thank the Lord that I was able to experience it with my mom by my side. You, Anita, and Shelley were wonderful. We both laughed, and cried, until it hurt. We stayed up late Friday night talking about what we had heard and then what we hoped to hear on Saturday.
    Praise the Lord it was beyond anything that we could have hoped for. May God continually bless each of you, with His love and wisdom. Thank you for a wonderful, God-filled experience.


    Thank you to all the team for presenting a wonderful conference.


    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! My mom surprised me with a ticket...and oh my goodness...I cannot even begin to tell you how much I learned! Your COURAGE and INSPIRATION are truly gifts from GOD!!! May GOD continue to bless you and keep you!
    Thank you for such a wonderful and heartfelt weekend!


    What a wonderful conference and experience for the ladies of our church. We all came from different walks and life situations but all received and rejoiced together with our one true Lord and Saviour. Just as the other comments state, we laughed and cried together and although many of us had heard the words shared before, they came to light in a whole new way and have truly blessed and changed the lives of the ladies! The work and organization that went into the conference and weekend were obvious and the church could not have been a better host! Thank you for sharing the light and love of Jesus with the ladies who came together in Waco. The love and friendship the team of Jennifer, Anita and Shelly share is so refreshing and shows the true beauty of Godly relationships. Blessings for future conferences!


    Thank you for the wonderful conference. Jennifer, your messages were such an encouragement! Anita, we all laughed ourselves into great health! Shelley, the music was outstanding and led us into wonderful worship times! This was a first for some in our neighborhood Bible study group and all were blessed. I wish you could have heard the sharing in our group after we returned home!


    Since the Waco FGF, it seems I cannot get enough reading with your books and web site. Almost immediately after the conference, I was noticing something about my job. My boss was not a Christian. I had been having some questions arise as to whether I should quit or not since it was interfering with my walk. I had prayed about it strongly because when you turn 50, it is almost impossible to find a job. I quit with no worries since that day. It is like a peace that has come over me. I am not worried about my bills, I just know that God will take care of me.

    Your book Self Talk was talking about me. It was like the book was telling me, "you should not be doing what you are doing to yourself." It has been going on for 40-some odd years. I am getting better. Thank you for your inspiration. I anxiously await your newsletters via email. It seems every message is something that is happening in my life. How did you know that? lol

    Thanks for your inspiration. Have a wonderful week. Oh, yesterday, I turned 55. I can get my 10% discount at stores now. lol! Love you.


    Sounds like a blast! Nice blog too.




    I won tickets to your conference from KLOVE and was so excited! But sadly could not get anyone to go with me...God wanted me to go. He knew I needed this conference. I made the 2-hour drive by myself (had my car broke into and my GOBIBLE stolen--obviously they needed it more than me...LOL) but I made it. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I had so much fun laughing and crying all at the same time.

    I had been praying for some answers to problems for a long time and was scared to take the leap. For some reason, we as women think we are not good enough to just jump into the frying pan. My job has been very stressful for an extremely long time and I spent many hours praying and crying about it. I did not want to give up the paycheck (How would I feed myself and my husband? He is disabled), I love the clients (Who would take care of them as good as I do?), etc. etc. etc.

    Well about a month ago I finally finished your book "Lessons I Learned In The Dark" and your story about the bike ride got me to thinking, PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD, not yourself. So after hearing that voice get louder and louder and I guess He finally hit me over the head, I got down and really prayed hard about my job. Guess What! I went to bed that night and a dear friend's face kept coming to me and I thought it had something to do with her husband who has been really I called her the next day. He was fine, but God whispered for me to ask about an opening where she works. So I did and there was one...and I applied and I got it!! This is a business I have tried to get a job at for 15 years and there was never any openings. I AM SO EXCITED! A God-Centered Work Place. Where I will not be looked at like a Jesus Freak because I like to read my Bible instead of a trashy romance novel at lunch.

    Thank you for your book, your love, and your prayers. They have given me a new lease and look on life.

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