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    Aleecia Hibbets

    We LOVED FGF in Shreveport this weekend! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an inspiring, authentic glimpse into the Word of God and women's souls. This was the best women's ministry event I've attended in a long time. God bless you!

    Cheryl Sedotal

    We were 31 ladies that traveled 5 hours and many miles and it was well worth it! It was extraordinary to be ministered to by ALL of you in such a special way. We sincerely thank you for answering the call and ministering to women all across this country! God bless you all!

    Betsy Ebarb

    Dear Jennifer,
    I just attended Fresh Grounded Faith in Shreveport, and loved it. I was reading the second chapter of your book, Self Talk, Soul Talk, tonight, and I had a huge realization. When asked my age, I say "51," with an apology in my voice. I didn't realize until tonight that that reply holds so much more than my mere words. When I admit to my age, I am admitting to myself that I am 51, I have a 9 yr. old and an 11 yr. old (I should be rejoicing, right?). I had my children so late in life because I was so stupid as to marry the wrong man, stay married too long, find the right man late in life, then have 2 beautiful children. I missed out on all those other children I could have had if I had met the right man sooner, not married the wrong man, and been in God's will sooner. I just realized how faulty my thinking has been regarding the most hugest blessing, aside from my salvation, that God could ever grant to me. I have a wonderful Christian husband who adores me and works shoulder to shoulder with me in our service to God. I have two very beautiful, bright, wonderful children who are the lights of my life. I have a nice home, car, time to attend Bible Study Fellowship each week during the day when my children are in school, I work part-time, I have a maid---I am truly blessed. It is sometimes hard to admit when one is in God's favor. He loves me. I am so happy that I have made this realization. What I have heard this weekend from all you ladies, and read in your book has made me even more determined to irradicate my thinking. I am going to depend on the help of the Holy Spirit to lead me in teaching my girls to love who they are, who God made them to be. I want the thoughts they have of themselves to be sweet and wonderful.

    Thanks so much. God bless you--


    Kelly M.

    Dear Jennifer,

    Although you may not have seen our faces when you came to Shreveport, I want you to know our hearts!

    Small groups of 12 women meet regularly in my garage apartment for a Bible study. We share a supper, pray and are taught over COFFEE (decaf at this hour of the day!)

    For your conference, the Holy Spirit directed me to purchase a batch of 12 $50.00 tickets. Assured He had already matched women with tickets, I gladly incurred the $600.00 charge. Oh yes, He provided. Am I surprised? No! Because He desires a relationship with each one of these precious women I am excited to have brought a dozen gals who were so excited to be spending time with you, Chonda and Alicia. In my initial inviting email, I wrote that I could think of no better way to start the new year than being refreshed by God through Jennifer Rothschild. The replies came quickly. Next time, I'll buy two dozen tickets!

    Thursday, the 29th, we met in my garage apartment once again for a salad supper and time to soak in prayer. We prayed for you and your staff and for the women who would be in attendance and that God would bless the delivery of His truths as your team communicated through worship and words to ALL in attendance at the Shreveport conference.

    Thanks a latte, although I prefer black, regular coffee!! Just thank you for doing what you're doing to bring glory to God as you edify others.

    In His grip,
    Kelly M.

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