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    June 03, 2007


    As a pew-sharing member of the Eldridge family, I was blessed to sit in "our" pew with Jennifer and her wonderful Dr. Phil and family again on the Sunday after my father-in-law's funeral. Together we felt the extra space on the pew and thought about D'Wayne worshipping in heaven while we worshipped on earth. It seemed several sad things had happened in our family all at once recently, and when I shared this with Jennifer she responded, "Yes, that seems to happen sometimes--but then the reverse is true, too. When the blessings come, so many blessings often come at once!" I shared this wisdom with my husband, and we agreed that Jennifer was absolutely right, and it turned our thoughts around to recognize the joy in accepting God's gifts--whether sorrows or blessings, all of them work for our good. How like Jennifer to see the sunny side of every cloud. We need the sun, and we need the rain, and both come bountifully in God's plan to help us grow. Thanks, Jennifer, for your loving encouragement!

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