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    June 13, 2007


    "...we share a love for Jesus and dark chocolate."

    Now that is a special relationship! I love them both as well.

    I happened upon your blog a few months ago after reading your book "Lessons I Learned in the Light". God used this book as a blessing of encouragement for me during a difficult time.

    I enjoy checking out your website and your blog. Thank you.

    I worked at a chocolate factory for 2 1/2 years through college and now know way more about this amazing gift from God that is CHOCOLATE than any human should. So I can also vouch that this quote is entirely addition to green tea, dark chocolate also contains more antioxidants than blueberries!!! So eat your heart out, Ms. Jennifer (and friends!)

    Anytime you need a reason to feel ok about indulging, you just let me know...I've got pages full of excuses :) (I mean, facts)

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