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    August 17, 2007


    OOH I'm glad I saw this entry. My self talk is better...but sometimes it can be really bad!

    Jennifer, I have to say I'm looking forward to this book. Our Women's Sunday School class at church is working through your first book again, and it is challenging and blessing each of the women.


    Dear Jennifer, I can't wait to read your new book as I haven't read a book of yours yet that has not inspired me. I also enjoy your web site. I do hope that you will be visiting the Orlando area for your upcoming weekend series. I thank God for the words that he speaks through you and for your willingness to share those words.
    Blessings to you and yours,

    I'm barefoot! I just finished your book and it blessed my socks off. God placed it in my home just when He knew I needed it. I have been going through a "dark" time in my life, but God is certainly doing His work in me and oh, what joy to experience His peace and freedom from fear when I keep my eyes on Him.

    I especially liked the story about riding the tandem. My husband and I have a tandem, so I know whereof you speak. We're both first born and I know from experience that when both of us are trying to be in control, everything gets out of control. My daughter put it this way after a ride with her husband on our tandem, "Boy, you've really got to have a good marriage to ride that thing!"

    Thank you for allowing your blindness to bless us through your obedience to our Savior. I look forward to you blog and e-newsletters.

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