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    November 29, 2007


    I just watched you on TBN & I have to tell you how pretty you are inside & outside. You are such an inspiration to me! You are beautiful my darling, like the lovely city of Tirzah. Yes as beautiful as Jerusalem, as majestic as an army with billowing banners.(Song of Songs 6:4)God delights in you! Thank you for being a blessing to me!

    I just think that you are so wonderful. You are a class act. I only hope to be as classy as you someday. Good luck with your conference.

    I will be praying for you. Your e-mails and ideas have been an inspiration to me as a women's ministry director. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
    Gerry Barter

    Dear Jennifer,
    I just wanted to respond back.
    I am so glad you had such a nice
    and fulfilling Holiday. It sounds
    like you have a lot going on!
    I will make it a special point
    to pray for you and the issues
    you are seeking spiritual guidance
    for. I know you will receive the
    right ones. We are so lucky to
    have a direct line to the Lord
    and to receive special feelings
    from the spirit through our
    prayers and obedience. Sometimes
    I think prayer is one of the
    most unused powers and gifts that
    we have-at least with me. My
    resolution for 2008 is to increase
    my faith and prayers and to
    feel an even stronger connection
    to God. I don't just want to
    know about God-I want to know
    HIM ! God Bless and a very
    Happy New Year! Love, Michelle

    Thank you so much for your faith and for being my sister in Christ. All of this to say - I have and will continue to pray for you. Your Self Talk, Soul Talk continues to bless me by helping me change. I knew there were issues - I just allowed "foggy" thinking to hide how to change. Thank you for your transparency, and your help.

    Dearest Jennifer, I want to thank our God for your talent. You are to be congratulated for obeying God. After reading and doing the study on Walking by Faith, as you had to do, I admire your courage to keep on keeping on. My women's group has a study time on Wed. mornings and we pick what we want to do. We had heard you in the ministries of Beth Moore and decided we all could use more faith study. We all were so blessed by your study. Thank you. Faith is an every day ritual but in my 74 years, I still fall back to self. Thanks to you, I remember to have faith more often than before.
    I will pray for you and your family and your ministries. May God continue to use you and bless you. Jeanie Nadler

    I can understand some of the emotions you are currently going through in regards to sending your son off to college in the Fall. I had the privilege of doing the same this past fall. At the time, I wrote an e-mail to my friends on the day we took him to college. I want to share a portion of it with you and with other moms who might be going through a similar transition. I'll be praying for you!


    email sent in August 2007:

    There are some things...some places in all of our lives that simply are too tender for words. Moments when we come to the utter edges of ourselves and wonder where we will find the strength for the next moment. Where we are caught in the fragment between breaths and find it difficult to find the next.

    I had one of those moments today. To date, it is the most difficult pain I have ever known. For those of you who have been through it, you're nodding your head just now. For those of you who await its arrival in the somewhere not so distant future, you'll not fully appreciate it until it arrives.

    I hugged him tightly, cried my eyes out, and groaned with utterings that words cannot express most of the ride home from Campbell University this afternoon. I listened, in turn, as the 16 year old in the back seat uttered his own share of groanings. Bless my husband...all he was allowed to do was to manage the van back to our driveway. And just when I thought I had conquered my angst, I arrived home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter. It arrived somewhere around noon today, while my in-laws were watching the little ones.

    Completely of his own accord, my college freshman son (who I've often thought not quite ready for the world...for you see he has so much more to many more ways to mature) did a very "adult" thing. A very lovely and gracious thing. He thought of his mom, and he told her that he loved her...that she was his heart.

    All I could do was hug my flowers and have my husband take a picture of me pitifully cradling my gift. It is a memory for the years to come, to remind me that, perhaps, Nicholas is ready for the world, and that with God's help, we will both manage the transition with a measure of grace and joy.

    Thank you for the times when you've prayed for us. I felt everyone of those petitions honored today. Tonight I will gaze upon my bouquet as I let their beauty and my tears lull me to sleep to awaken me to another day. A Sabbath day.

    A day that will rise on all of us and beckon our participation. I pray that all of us will find rest with our great and awesome God as the dawn announces its arrival.

    What a blessing you continue to be! I am part of the Women's Ministry Team at our church and team teach at JOY Bible Study which is a community Bible Study. We did your study "Fingerprints of God" a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it - I am thrilled to hear that you are working on another study for Lifeway and will defintely be praying for you as you work through what the Lord has for you to share with us. God bless you a whole bunch - Also will be praying for Clay and the rest of your family during this time of transition to college days. Thanks a bunch for the Java newsletter as well. God is so good! Grace and Peace, :) Penny

    What an exciting time for you as you get ready to send your child off to college! Having seen four sons leave the nest for college, I understand the wonderful, frightening, poignant time this is for you. God bless you and fill your heart with joy. I will be praying for you.

    Jennifer, I am so happy to pray for you... I am so encouraged by the artistry of your words, and it is my prayer that God will continue to do His mighty work in and through you. I have no doubt your ministry blesses ladies like me all over the world! Thank you, Lovely Lady!!


    I attended the Fresh Grounded Faith Conference in Waco and I wanted you to know that it was the most uplifting experience I have ever had. I don't think I have cried and laughed so much in a long time. My sister went blind from a stroke about a year ago and you were able to give me a perspective about her blindness that I had never thought of before. Thank you for your ministry.

    God Bless,

    I will be praying for your ministry and especially for the new changes in your lives in the fall. I have a 3 and 1yr. old and I just can't imagine the emotion you are all going through. I am getting teary eyed thinking my little ones may go to preeschool next year. The world is a scarry place but Clay is under His wing. God Bless!

    I pray for the Fresh Grounded Faith conference, that the aroma of Gods Spirit will be invigorating. That as you enter into His presence and inhale the fragrance of the King, you will refreshed and revitalized.

    Please pray for godly communication between myself & my husband. There has been some breakdown within the last couple of years....our children have really come between us (his) We have a wonderful ministry and it's beginning to spill over into our church. My husband's ex-wives are there (x2), help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's always such a blessing to read your newsletter. You are so in-touch with the needs of women, and your thoughts are such a help. May God bless you and your family as He uses you in many special ways.

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