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    June 04, 2008


    Recently I've made a friend via blogging. She lives on the Pacific. I live on the Atlantic. Apparently, we've both inspired one another through our words. She mothers me with her wisdom, and she is currently battling a re-diagnosis of cancer.

    In some, strange, yet perfectly normal way, it seems that our lives were meant to converge in this season. I am better for having her in mine. I think she feels the same.

    Thank you for your heart this day. Indeed, you have inspired me to offer thanks to God for new friendships that come because of our unity in Him.

    peace for the journey~elaine

    Dear Jenny,

    I have many physical problems and people like you inspire me to go on. My blog friends and others around me tell me that i inspire them. I am a receiver and a giver. But I agree with what you say here. When life hits you hard in the face, it's so difficult. Then I only cry out to Jesus to give me relief and succor.

    Joni is very speceal to me. I was a struggling teenager when I first read her book and I used to sleep with it under my pillow.

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