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    October 28, 2008


    Somewhere in your conferences there is a daughter like mine, going through divorce from an abusive "Christian" husband. She has a small child, no money and is finding her way. This is the woman I am specifically praying for in each of your conferences.

    I am so excited to hear how God is using you and I will be sure to pray for you, as well as your staff and family. You are a blessing! I was at Falls Creek in Davis, OK when you came to a Women's retreat there and I bought your book and CD. I really needed help with my thoughts and my own self-talk. Your book helped me realize I am
    on the right path so I can get better and it also confirmed what I had been reading in the Bible to help me.
    I went to see the movie "Fireproof" and it was really good. My sister use to go to the church where they produced the movie. Shortly after the movie came out someone tried to set it on fire, but they caught the people who started the fire. I hope more people will see the movie and be blessed by it. James Robison is also a blessing. When I was little my family and I went to hear him preach. I still have some of his cassette tapes.
    WOW! I appreciate you so much and
    I have enjoyed sharing with you.
    May God bless you.

    Wow, you have such an exciting schedule! I wish you would have visited me when you were in Ft. Worth but I can see you have no free time!
    I will pray that God blesses your conferences!
    Your Friend,
    Anita Stone

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