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    April 09, 2010


    Jennifer, THIS is a riot, an award winner! I can not wait to hear you RAP it sometime. Of course I am very WHITE and VERY NEGATIVE with door to door salespeople so I may not be the best judge!!
    Love ya!

    Response from Jennifer: Ha! I don’t think you’re negative! Why don’t you learn the rap and we can perform it together at Lifeway?! Who knows, they might just publish it?!

    Oh Jennifer, that is very funny and witty. Yes, handling the door-to-door salesman/woman is never fun. Every time we move I, sooner or later, purchase one of those "no solicting" signs, which usually does the job ~ although certainly not as funny as your rap. My husband reminds me every once in a blue moon that for some of these folks, they are honestly trying to make a living, and once in a blue moon, if the sign isn't on the door, and I actually have no noisy kids/dinner to cook/places to be (which is almost never)I will buy the occasional over-priced magazine...

    Response from Jennifer: Me too! I just spent $30 on cookies…don’t tell my husband!

    I loved this story. Too funny. To check out a really cool female, Christian, white rapper check out Tamara Lowe.

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