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    May 25, 2010


    Thank you, Jennifer! I so needed this. I dwell on my past: sins, bad decisions, etc. I have confessed them to God, asked forgiveness of those I've wronged, yet satan keeps reminding me of them.

    I didn't fully understand that concept...satan is whispering to me and keeping me from believing that I am the forgiven child of God.

    I know I have hurt others and I have confessed to them and asked and received their forgiveness. Yet the fact that I hurt people I love and care about haunts me.

    I know I am not the person I was. I understand the hurts that I had that caused me to "act out" in selfishness. My own low self-esteem; my desire to be loved; my own feelings of rejection clouded my thinking.

    I have been the one beating myself up/not forgiving myself. Thank you for showing me that that too is a sin...the sin of unbelief that Jesus loves me and His blood covers me.

    I have allowed satan to make mountains out of mole hills...others have forgiven me or even said that there wasn't anything to forgive.

    I have focused on the negatives in my life instead of on the many positives that surround me. Some of this is from the cancer medicine that I take; some is from the "shame and blame" that I was raised with.

    As I write this, it's as if God is holding me in His arms and whispering His love for me...calming His hurt child; enabling her to rest in Him.

    Thank You,
    J. A.

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