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    July 12, 2010


    Love this - transparent and honest.

    Oh Jennifer, Angelina doesn't hold a candle to you. In fact, if she woke up to you on GMA, she would say just this: "Jennifer inspires me to be more than I am. She is so graceful, faith-filled, wise and beauty spills from her life and her love. I want to be more like Jennifer."

    I had to laugh as I often feel the same way. However, I have to say Jennifer that you are beautiful on the outside and also on the inside.


    Jennifer, why be envious of her? She doesn't have that right relationship with the Lord that you do! Besides, her life is a mess! She couldn't have that inner joy and peace if she doesn't know the Peace Giver. I really do not envy those kind of people and really do not want to be like them. You are special in the Lord because you know Him!
    Love, Cyndi S.

    Response from Jennifer:
    Thanks for your concern Cindy. Envy is never a good thing...about that you are right! I was being more playful than serious about watching Angelina on TV. There are many things about her I admire but, I don’t “envy” her.

    Oh girl, I just want to be real in my faith walk and the other day, I was pretty aware of my own insecurity!! Gotta smile at my own weakness and keep walking by faith! J.

    I really enjoyed this. I deal with insecurity like that a lot, its a big struggle for me.

    I just heard your message on Revive Our Hearts and was so encouraged by your story.

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