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    December 30, 2010


    Hi Jennifer!
    I have done one of your studies and you are truly inspiring with all that you do....
    Your family picture is so are beautiful and it's funny how much your oldest son looks like your husband!
    I also received a "mack daddy" Keurig for Christmas and am also Jittery from the cup I had this morning! (a Paul Newman blend) I do have to say, it's a little watery unless I use the 8 cup setting. 10 or 12, forget it. Guess I'm a "bold" girl;) Also, tea K cups are no good because it doesn't get time to steep. Hot chocolate cups are okay, but again, in the 8 cup mode probably. Enjoy!!

    Hi Jennifer!

    Congratulations on the Keurig! I love my Keurig! My favorite brand at the moment is the Donut House Coffee. One of my resolutions in 2011 is to try some of the different flavored coffees, even though I am usually not a flavored coffee fan.
    In late 2009, I felt like the elderly lady in the commercial that had fallen and couldn't get up again. Only my injuries were emotional, not physical. I cried out to the Lord for His perspective. I told Him that if He did not give it to me, I would not get up again. He has been faithful to give me His perspective all through 2010. I call it the gift that keeps on giving! Someone could do or say something hurtful, and all I had to do was wait on the Lord, not react out of pain or anger. Usually all I had to do was sleep on it, and in the morning I had my answer, and was able to keep my peace. I do not take this for granted...this is a special gift, and I am so thankful. I pray for more of His grace and wisdom in 2011. I also want to me more attentive to His "nudges." I find I am the one blessed when I obey His promptings, even if it comes at a sacrifice to me.
    Happy New Year!

    The BIG lessons that I learned this year are 1)I will only have fulfillment when I fill myself with God - not my kids, my spouse, my stuff or anything else. 2)God loves me no matter what I do or don't do. His love is not based on my performance. He loves me all the time because that is who He is. It has been a year of major transformation because I now understand these truths!

    Congrats on your Christmas gift :) I got a Cuisinart one cup maker and I love it! My favorite coffee so far is Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. Enjoy!!!

    What a beautiful family you have! I just upgraded my early model Keurig (giving my old one to a young family who has been wanting one) and have been enjoying it for years! I love to sample but my very favorite is Hazelnut (bold, preferably) with a teaspoon of sugar and Hazelnut creamer! Can you tell I like it sweet? But it is SO yummy and a great way to start the day:) I am reading Decision Points also, what a great book! Thank you for being such an inspiration and I pray you have a very blessed New Year!

    God has taught me the great danger in holding on to hurt feelings. Somehow hurts unresolved end up in bitterness. Bitterness hardens one's heart, even from the sound of God's sweet voice. He has also taught me that saying "no" to His Spirit often enough leads to His silence. I am letting go of hurts more quickly in 2011, listening more intently, and obeying more with less reservation.

    Jennifer, I have been blessed by you. I have read your book called Lessons I Learned in the Dark. I had no idea why I was reading it but I also have RP. You through your book have given me courage to keep going forward. Also, I just finished a small group Bible Study, Self Talk Soul Talk. It was also great. Thank you so much. Have a Great Year. I know I am. Serving Him,
    Melody D. (also a friend on facebook)

    Jennifer, thank you so much for the reminder to sit down with a good cup of coffee (of course!) and reflect on how God has worked in my life this past year. I am a pastor's wife who has been a bit discouraged lately. I want to run on ahead and my Father is saying "wait, rest, listen." There is much He has taught me in 2010. The reflection time will do my soul good.

    P.s. Our ladies group just finished "Me Myself and Lies". Thanks for your work in providing biblically grounded material!

    Jennifer, thank you for reminding me to sit down and reflect on what God taught me this past year. He taught me to be prepared in all things. I had to have emergency surgery this past year and almost died. One hour I was fine and the next hour I was on my way to the ER. I thank God for saving my life and giving me another chance to do what He leads me to do.

    Love the family pic! You all look great and happy! As a fellow lover of the works of C.S. Lewis, I would use two quotes from the latest Narnia movie to describe what God has taught me this past year.

    "Because," said the Mouse, "this is a very great adventure, and no danger seems to me so great as that of knowing when I get back to Narnia that I left a mystery behind me through fear."

    Reepicheep also says, "So far as I know we did not set sail to look for things useful but to seek honour and adventures. And here is as great an adventure as ever I heard of, and here, if we turn back, no little impeachment of all our honours."

    I love the adventure God has called my family to and the adventure didn't end in 2010, but we continue to hold fast to Him, our Navigator, in 2011!

    Blessings on your life, your family, your marriage, and your ministry!

    Shauna Pilgreen

    I am glad you like your coffee maker, but I have to say I am loyal to my French press. God has taught me how to love the unlovely this year. What a journey it has been, and what a mighty blessing! And guess what Bible study I am starting 2011 with? Me, Myself and Lies; I like it a lot.

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