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    July 06, 2011


    Good Morning Jennifer,
    I love your preception on things. It amazes me how God can turn something devasting in your life to a vessel to many. I am sure you hear this all the time so I won't stay on the soap box long. I think you made some very good points about how people can view the world. Many times I see it in "shades of grey" now that not to say that I stay depressed I just stay.. stagnant. I am partially paralyzed on my right side due to a stroke I had at 18 months old. I see my disability as a huge hinderance. I am very quiet, other than in online conversations. I won't speak unless I am spoken to first, then if I feel like the other person doesn't "feel" I have some kind of disease (this is my view of how people view me) I open up and can relax and have a good time. I live in a very small town that has no good church minstries. I have tried several churches and they either care about how many people that have money can fill the pews, or they go to the other extreme, have no worship in hymns and praise music except Sunday morning. The rest of the week is a social get together to "catch up" on what has been happening. This to me is much like the story you told in this blog. I wish my life had brillant shades of color that radiates through me as it does you. I know you have struggles, it's far more difficult for you to handle things than it is for me, but you keep those colors shining brightly, you keep pressing on in the midst of your storms. I know it's Jesus who keeps you through it all. Keep encouraging people like me, Jennifer, you help bring brighter colors to our (my) world to.

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