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    July 06, 2011


    Hi Jennifer; I'm a wife, mom, home maker of 59 years. I read a "Spill The Beans" story of a lady asking you question - the question centered around her not "sensing" the Lord's presence. I cannot find the story here on your FB,(wanting to return to it and learn)! Would you repeat your answer? If I'm not wrong,your advice was do not try to sense God's presence. Trusting His promises is foundational - scriptural. Could you explain more or repeat the Question and Answer ?
    Desparate for God's truth,
    Donna Tomblin

    Response from Jennifer: is a link to the question that you are referring to:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Just some thoughts on the person who wrote in about how to minister to her friend who has cancer. I am currently battling breast cancer. I think that the most important thing that a person can do is to be there for you through personal contact. Invite the family to dinner, call on the phone regularly, invite her for coffee,

    Offer to watch the kids or take the kids somewhere and continue to pray for them. For me, it seems like I got all this attention at the beginning and now as the months have gone on I do not get much attention anymore and that is the time that you need it the most. It is like when someone dies and than after the funeral people disappear yet that is the most difficult time of adjustment.


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