> Publicity Photos for Media and Promotional Pieces

Here you will find multiple images to be used by media, or for graphic design purposes. Click on an image thumbnail for a medium-sized image to download for most purposes. To find higher resolution images, see the photo description on each photo for a download link (not all photos have high resolution options). Email us at if you cannot find what you need.

Send your graphic designer to this address ( for a link to this collection of images and other helpful resources.

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Self Talk, Soul Talk
Today's Christian Woman
Jennifer and Dr. Phil Bicycle Built for Two
Headshot Brick Background
Headshot Leather Jacket
Headshot Chair
JR Photo 1
JR Photo 2
JR Photo 3
JR Photo 4
JR Photo 5
JR Photo 6
JR Photo 7
Resource: Fingerprints of God Member Book
Resource: Walking by Faith Member Book
Resource: Lessons I Learned in the Dark Book Cover
Promo: 11 x 17 Poster
Promo: 2 Up Bulletin Insert or Handbills
Promo: 8.5 x 11 Poster
Promo: 5 x 8 Flyers
JR Action 1
Fun: Jennifer and Roberts of Good Morning America
JR Family Photo 2006 #1
JR Family Photo 2006 #2
JR Family Photo 2006 #3
JR Family Photo 2001 #1
JR Family Photo 2002 #1
JR Lean Out